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Q: How do you differentiate freelance models, showgirls, promoters and supervisors?

A: Generally models and show girls have good appearance, height and figure. Whereas promoter and supervisor does not need to be so. However, if you are not sure about which categories are you in, please feel free to apply for all. It gives you more chances to get jobs.

Q: I’m a guy. Can I apply for the jobs here?

A: Sure. We need guys for being freelance model, promoter and supervisor as well as other talents.

Q: If I don’t have transport, can I apply for the jobs?

A: Yes. Don’t worry. You can specify your preferable working place when you register. Just choose your preferable working place to avoid unnecessary travel. However, if you can arrange transport for yourself, or you choose more places to work at, you will have more chances to get jobs.

Q: Can I choose my preferable working time?

A: Yes, you can choose your preferable working time when you register. You can find freelance jobs here even if you are working or student. However, if your time is more flexible, definitely the chance you get jobs is higher.

Q: Must I accept the job whenever you offer to me?

A: No. You always have your own choice. We only offer you the jobs. You always have the choice to accept or reject.

Q: How much salary will I get for being freelance model, showgirl promoter or supervisor?

A: It depends on the offer by the company. Normally it’s RM100-RM500 per day. We will inform you about the salary when we offer you the job.

Q: How and when can I receive the payment?

A: You will receive the payment directly from us. Normally the payment is made within 1-2 months from the last day that you work. Nevertheless, it depends on the company that offers the job.

Q: Will I be provided transportation and uniform?

A: It depends on the company that offers the job.

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