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:: Referral Programme

Start to EARN Now by Recommending Us !!!

Recommend us to recruiters

You can earn extra income now by recommending us to the recruiters. If they agree to hire our models or talents, we will reward you 3% out of the recruiter ’s budget as your commission under this referral program.

For example:

If the recruiter’s budget is RM 10k,  you will get RM 300 as your commission.
Similarly, if the recruiter’s budget is RM 100k, you will get RM 3000 as your commission.

How it works?

Just pass us the recruiter's info by filling up the form below or sms  the recruiter’s details to 012-3428001.
We will do all the rest of the work to contact the recruiter. Upon successful arrangement, we will bank in the
referral fees to your account. It is so simple and easy!

Where to find prospects?

Any recruiters that need models or talents for:

  • Modeling
    • Fashion show
    • Bridal show
    • Hair show
    • Make-up show
    • TV shooting
    • TV commercial
    • MTV shooting
    • Magazine shooting
    • Advertisement shooting
    • Etc.

  • Show
    • Motor show
    • Road show
    • Product launching
    • Exhibition
    • Ushering
    • Fair
    • Etc.

  • Promoter
    • Electronic product
    • Food and beverage
    • Telecommunication
    • Alcohol
    • Cigarette
    • Sports equipment
    • Beauty care product
    • Make-up product
    • Health care product
    • Body care product
    • Business plan
    • Membership
    • Body accessories
    • Car accessories
    • Clothing and shoes
    • Etc.

  • As well as any other relevant fields.

Our Promise

  • We will ensure that only quality models and talents are arranged to the recruiters.
  • We will never disclose to the recruiters that we pay you referral fees.
  • We will bank in your referral fee on 30th of the month when the recruiters make full payment to us.

How to Start?

  • Start keeping Model Galaxies in your mind and recommend us.
  • Start thinking who is looking for models or talents.
  • Start keeping an ear on who is looking for models or talents.
  • If the recruiters are interested, inform them that you will pass their contact to us. 

Just fill up the form:

Your name
Your Email
Your Mobile Number

Recruiter's information:

        :: Please state recruiter's name, contact number and job descriptions if you know.



Keen to Earn More ???
If you are keen to earn more, you can consider to be our full/ part time marketing executive.
Training will be provided. Flexible working hour. High commission.
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